Brazil swot analysis

With reference to Table 1 and 2, they have to continue improving their market and gain entrance to important assets, and possibly continue to gain knowledge.

Brazil swot analysis

Updated 18 June Brazil is among the four largest producers and consumers of chocolate in the world, producing about thousand tons of chocolate per year. In this article you will find more information about this market. The cocoa production system is based on sustainability and characterized by practices with low emission of greenhouse gases and family farm production.

This segment is expanding in the Brazilian chocolate market to meet export demands.

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Gourmet chocolate uses more cocoa than normal chocolate making it taste bitter. The production of fine cocoa, which is used in gourmet chocolate production, is concentrated in the state of Bahia in Northeastern region. Chocolate Consumption Brazilians are chocolate lovers.

The purchase of chocolate is more concentrated in supermarkets, where people can find many flavors and brands with lower prices. A box of bonbons are the most popular option for the lower classes.

Classes A and B are those that consume the most chocolate, but they prefer buying it in specialized stores. In Brazil, the consumption of chocolate per inhabitant has grown a lot since the 70s when the consumption was around g per year.

Nowadays the annual average is 2,5 kilograms per person annually, due to the fact that Brazilian is increasingly identifying chocolate as a food type.

Brazil swot analysis

Brazilians used to eat chocolate only on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and other holidays. It was not common to buy it as it is today which is at at any time.

The highest consumption of chocolate is in the Southern region and some people say this is due to the fact that it is the coldest region in the country, as winter is also a factor that increases chocolate consumption. In addition to leading the market, it is also the number one in the sale of chocolate Easter eggs, which are the favorite for children Garoto: The other main players in the market are Hershey's, Arcor, Mars and Ferrero.

Imports and Exports Although imported chocolate is often considered tastier, Brazilians tend to consume more national chocolate. Imported chocolate is very expensive and is not accessible to all consumers.

The difference in price and taste is related to the amount of cocoa in the chocolate. Therefore, due to the climate in Brazil chocolate producers add fats in addition to cocoa butter.

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In addition, this extra fat makes the product cheaper and attend to the market demand. In Brazil there is a very large temperature difference between the North and the South regions, so the chocolates manufactured in these different locations have different compositions as well.

The consumption of chocolate has increased more than the production, therefore the country has reduced exports and increased imports in order to supply domestic demands. Brazilian chocolate is present in all continents, exporting annually about 30 thousand tons to countries.

Chocolate imports amount to about 20 thousand tons per year. Become a part of.Brazil is among the four largest producers and consumers of chocolate in the world, producing about thousand tons of chocolate per year. In this article you will find more information about this market. Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.

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Brazil swot analysis

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