Contac paper

I can decorate and add touches of my own style, but my landlord does not allow us to paint or make any permanent changes. It has some, well, some interesting features. My kitchen countertop was one thing I really hated from day 1.

Contac paper

Have you come across any DIY projects featuring this wonder material?

Contac paper

I have to admit—contact paper is one of my current obsessions. I used it to design and craft the gift wrap featured in this post. And the marble tile art featured in this post. Stay tuned for my next DIY project featuring contact paper later this month! Stylish contact paper backsplash Interested in creating a wall mural but not sure if you want to get a can of paint involved?

Diagonal stripes take center stage in this edgy design. Diagonal stripe contact paper project for your door Not sure you have time for a DIY project that covers your walls and door? Try embellishing a mirror that leans against the wall for a similar effect.

The contact paper mirror project below is an innovative way to add modern style to your Contac paper. More details at This Little Street: Contact paper mirror idea Contact Paper Furniture Projects We now move on to furniture, which can always benefit from a little bit of makeover fun.

Marble contact paper coffee table DIY project Wood grain patterns always add a modern touch to the surfaces they enhance. Which is why this DIY design idea is so striking.

To create contrast on a dresser, use wood grain-patterned contact paper to cover the outside of each drawer. Drawers embellished with contact paper For a slightly more ornate twist, try adding designs cut from wood grain contact paper to the surface of a chest of drawers. You can always paint the dresser first.

Dresser embellished with contact paper How cool is this contact paper design on the wooden headboard below?! Once again, we have a clever use of wood grain contact paper, this time contrasted with bright royal blue.

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The chevron pattern seems to jump off the headboard in a colorful 3-D design. For more details, head on over to Decorator in a Box. Did you know that you can buy chalkboard contact paper?!

Yes, the kind you write on! Jazz up your next wine and cheese party with a couple of contact paper embellishment ideas from Tablespoon.

Create a contact paper runner filled with food pairing tips, and then cut out little squares and stick them to your wine glasses so your guests can write their initials on their goblets!

But this project idea is a bit different…in part because of the vintage floral pattern. And also because it was crafted from contact paper, making this an easy, no-sew, no-glue solution for your next fete!

Check out all the details at The Sweetest Occasion. Contact paper bunting idea In the same tutorial above, The Sweetest Occasion uses the floral contact paper to make cute flag-style drink stirrers.

Contac paper

A great concept, right?! While the stirrers shown below are actually made of washi tape, we love the idea of using leftover contact paper, especially since contact paper comes in many patterns that may not be available in washi tape designs.

Of course, you could also use contact paper to embellish store-bought party hats that your guests will wear. A fun touch that will personalize your party! Share your DIY ideas below… Liked the story? Share it with friends.Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Clear Coverings - matte clear liner is easy to apply with our original and innovative measure-and-cut grid on the backing paper Durable and repositionable for easy application Product has peel away paper backing that is marked for easy measuring and installation with cutting lines on backing paper to allow for easy.

Smooth on one side and sticky on the other, contact paper has been long loved for practical purposes like lining drawers and shelves.

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I used the pre-cut service and everything came. Cut the contact paper away from the hole for screws that insert from the opposite side of the door. The screw will push the contact paper outward, causing bubbles or failure of the installation if.

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