Scottish power riio ed1 business plan

Low carbon electricity's share of generation increased from Are there any government policies, targets or incentives in place to encourage the use of renewable or low carbon energy? The RO has until recently been the main financial mechanism supporting the uptake of large-scale renewable electricity generation projects in the UK.

Scottish power riio ed1 business plan

This Smart Meter Strategy Paper supersedes three papers which formed part of our business plan submission in July Our previous strategy paper and two cost justification papers have been consolidated into this single strategy paper.

We have reassessed our costs forecasts following development of our procedures which will allow most remedial work to be carried out live, and further design work on the interfaces between our IT.

UK Power Networks - Business Plan

What we plan to do: In summary we expect to spend This expenditure is made up of In addition to savings accruing to suppliers and customers, in our role as a network operator we anticipate deriving almost 50m of indirect benefits from this investment where actions by suppliers and customers reduce the peak demand for electricity.

This expenditure involves The Contents and Introduction sections on the next few pages give more details and explain where each element of our strategy is described.

Improve Safety further Deliver better Customer Service Promoting Social Obligations Providing quicker Connections and a better service Maintaining network Reliability and reducing interruptions Taking care of our Environment Being more Efficient Developing Innovative solutions Meeting Stakeholder expectations Develop new processes to exploit data from smart meters; more information about network management and performance.

Utilise information regarding unplanned supply interruptions at LV network level to improve supply restoration and voltage complaint performance.

scottish power riio ed1 business plan

Use smart meters to help deliver an enhanced service for vulnerable customers during unplanned supply interruptions. Use smart metering data to develop LV load indices enabling more informed new connections choices whilst enabling flexible connection of LCT derived load.

A better understanding of changes to network loading will ensure that network capacity is not exceeded. Use information from smart meters to assist in supply restoration process. Use smart metering data to develop LV load indices enabling better informed network reinforcement decisions resulting in fewer excavations.

Use data from smart meters to assist with many aspects of LV network operation and management including: Use data from smart meters to enhance all aspects of LV network management ensuring that data from smart meters acts as a catalyst for the development of smarter grids.

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Work with suppliers and other industry stakeholders to provide support during the smart meter roll-out programme. Indirect costs for Recruitment and Training Bookmark not defined Customer Service Support Costs Bookmark not defined Direct Costs for Remedial Work Bookmark not defined Total Costs for Remedial Work Interfacing to the DCC: Data and Privacy Requirements: Security and Critical Commands: Integration with Existing Applications: Innovation Load Switching Requirements: Introduction Smart meters are intelligent meters that store details of tariffs and energy use and can communicate with the energy supplier, network operator and other devices.

The Government has established a Smart Metering Implementation Programme SMIP to co-ordinate delivery of the programme, including the development of the commercial and regulatory framework.SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is part of the Scottish Power Group of companies and is regulated by The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem).

SPEN transmit and distribute power on All three licences contain specific confidentiality and business RIIO-ED1, has approximately £54m in rewards and £97m in penalties. companies. National Grid owns the transmission assets in England and Wales; Scottish Power Transmission Limited (SPTL) owns • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), formed in with the merger of the Department of Energy The RIIO-ED1 (the first price control for electricity distribution) has been set.

In RIIO-GD1 (–21), the regulator decided not to fast-track any of the gas distribution networks. 5 In RIIO-T1 (–21), two companies were fast-tracked (Scottish Power Transmission Limited and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc), and benefited from a higher incentive rate than the slow-tracked companies.

6 In RIIO-ED1 (– Submarine Electricity Cables Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology Statement. by the Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution network. Within our current business plan we propose spending £44 million over the next eight years to replace km. For business consumers the affordability debate has moved centre-stage with industry concerns about being competitive against rivals in other markets.

Scottish Power. Centrica. SSE. Drax Power Limited. The RIIO-ED1 (electricity distribution price) price control sets the outputs that the DNOs must deliver and the associated revenues they.

Scottish & Southern Electric Power Distribution RIIO-ED1 Indirect Costs – Closely Associated Indirects, Business Support Costs & Non-op Capex Supporting Paper Issue 1 Page 6 of 37 1 Overview In this paper we will detail the justification and rationale for the existing and future level of.

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