What was the main reason for

For example, an April information sheet [7] states that about 13, women have abortions following rape or incest. This figure appears to be derived from the survey percentage or from preliminary results of the survey.

What was the main reason for

Invasions by Barbarian tribes

The Los Angeles Rams are your new favorite team, and for two seemingly unrelated but actually quite intertwined reasons. One, they are about to sign defensive force of nature Aaron Donald to the largest contract ever granted a defensive player, in keeping with his abilities and the market rate.

For football fans, the preseason is a dispositive example of Stockholm Syndrome — you say you want to be out, but you develop an unrequited relationship with your captors and decide to stay against your own best interests. And you will experience that again this Thursday with Raiders-Seahawks and Chargersers.

But that is a less-than-compelling reason, since the teams already charge for the practice games as though they are regular season games. There is no fight about the uselessness of preseason football. On Sunday, Tiger Woods rose back into heaven.

What was the main reason for

Jimmy Garoppolo crumpled into The Raiders took the pipe again, the NFL had a full schedule of fevered narratives as it does every Sunday, Stanford was still reveling in its bizarre win over Oregon, and the NBA was pushing its way back onto center stage.

Optics matter, you see, especially for a team like the Giants, who have been so strategically devoted to them. But now the optics kind of, well, stink.

The Giants are where the game has been and everyone knows where it is now, but the culture inside and outside the game demands to know where the game is going.

The next general manager needs to be part scout and part seer, part pragmatist but mostly idealist.

The 8 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

They are not metrics-backward so much as they are vision-static. They promoted Evans to fix a perceived shortfall in metrics-based judgments and that was repaired, but the optics of the World Series parades led to the optics of rewarding those who got them there on the back end of their careers.

It was a grand strategy that worked only as long as the Giants were winning three out of every five games, but those days are done, the essence of the game has moved faster than the strategy, and it is still moving now. Therein lies the final and most enduring fact — the Giants have fallen victim to the optic of being caught behind as baseball lurches into entirely new modes of playing rendered the Giants the worst kind of losing team -- the one with money but not the flexibility to change in volatile times.

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The game is currently the Three True Outcomes — walks, strikeouts and homers, and the Giants rank 25th in walks, 5th in strikeouts and 29th in homers. The game is all-day bullpens, and the Giants seriously lack that.

The game is certainly top-down management, all the way down to the front office dictating lineups, bullpen usage daily tactics, and that has never been the Giants under Sabean.

The Giants also lack young, vibrant players upon which to bestow the keys to the kingdom going into the Roaring Twenties. There are none of those now, unless you want to ride the benefit of the doubt with Dereck Rodriguez.

There may be a roster core just about to accrete into a new era of glory, but nobody has been able to spot it yet, and this is a here-and-now business.

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The Giants have much worse gate years than this one; inthey drew more than 40, only 13 times all season. The Giants need to be something other than what they are, and the time for that change is actually two years past due.Jun 27,  · The main reason for the intention to change my current employer is limited self-development opportunities The main reason s for the intention to change my current employer are limited self-development opportunities\.

Reason is easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be. Create, compose, mix and finish your music–Reason will help you along the journey, from inspiration to mixdown. See for yourself how it’s done in five short steps: Adding more instruments is just as easy. Find the sounds you.

The main reason for malicious actions on part of those employees is the fact that they usually don’t realize the full consequences of what they are doing. They are often unaware of common cyber security practices that they should follow, and even if they do know about them, they don’t realize how much non-compliance can affect the bottom line.

Divorce is on the rise due to the "traditional reasons" as well as the "starter marriage" syndrome. Why do people get divorced? Gottman offers research to support two main reasons and times for divorce. Here’s the main reason for the rise in anti-Semitic incidents—jealousy and envy.

In this atmosphere, the old and banal argument about the Jews’ “financial control” and deceit is being.

What was the main reason for

Jan 07,  · A second main reason is that she is good at cooking. Comment for sentence1: Not sensible. "One of the main reasons" suggests there're several main reasons, and we assume they are all of equal importance.

However, "the second main reason" suggests that the reason is second in rank.

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